Seedling ordering information

Seedling sales close Monday, May 23 for the 2016 season. 2017 season starts Monday, August 15, 2016.

Note: Seedlings available through this program may only be planted in Minnesota.

Minimum purchase is 500 trees. This purchase may be broken down into increments of 100 of each species. Orders are accepted from August 15 through early spring or until supplies are exhausted.

Payment is required with orders. Cancellations after March 1 will be charged a 20 percent restocking fee. We take orders by mail, phone, fax or email.

MN Department of Natural Resources
Minnesota State Forest Nursery
PO Box 117
Akeley, MN 56433-0117
phone: 218-652-2385 or 800-657-3767
fax: 218-652-2383

We accept Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. A sales tax exemption is available for reforestation plantings for fiber production. Read and sign the waiver on the order form if you qualify. Order changes will not be accepted after March 1.

Cost-share assistance.

Government assistance may be available for your tree-planting project. Contact your local DNR Forestry office for details.


Shipping and delivery

Trees are packaged in cardboard boxes with a plastic liner. The box is approximately 10 inches by 18 inches by 30 inches.

There are three ways to get your trees. Check your choice on the order form. Any orders placed after March 15 must either choose either common carrier or be picked up at the nursery.

  1. Pick them up yourself at the Minnesota State Forest Nursery.
  2. Have them shipped by common carrier to a street address (we cannot ship to a P.O. box). Shipping charges: $33 per 1,000 trees or any portion thereof (include payment with order).
  3. Have them sent to a drop point. Consult list below for closest drop point.

Drop Point

Prepay shipping

Pay at time of pickup

Deer River


Lake City


Detroit Lakes
Little Falls

$33/1,000 trees or any portion thereof

Purchasers will receive a notification postcard with ship date or pickup date in the spring.