Legacy Fund logoWe've transitioned from a paper-based system to an online system for water use reporting, permit applications, and permit change requests. MPARS is designed to benefit DNR's permit holders and applicants with a simple, convenient and easy-to-use system.

MPARS supports three permit types: Water Appropriation, Public Waters Work and Dam Safety.

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The new online system is customer-service focused. Our goal is for permit applicants, permit holders and the public to be able to easily navigate the new system. Customer-friendly features include:

  • Convenient access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • User-friendly online permit application process
  • Information-saving features allow you to start an application, save the information you have entered and finish the application at a later time
  • Water use reporting - Water use reporting instructions »
  • Secure banking system allows payment online; no more check writing and looking for a stamp to mail in payments!
  • Straight-forward online process to request changes to permits, including amendments, transfers and terminations
  • Single starting point for joint application process when DNR, Board of Water and Soil Resources and U.S. Army Corp of Engineer permits are needed
  • Easy interface to ask DNR staff questions

Benefits to the Public

  • Increased transparency of the permit application process - permit applicants may always login to the MPARS system to see what stage their application is at in the process
  • Improved access to permit files - all permit records will be maintained online, allowing permit holders to access their permit file at any time
  • Better tracking of payments through a secure online method for payment
  • Reduced data entry errors as the public will enter their own water use data and double-check its accuracy

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