PolyMet's NorthMet Mining Project

Dam Safety Permit
PolyMet's NorthMet Mining Project

DNR's Dam Safety Permit Program is required to regulate the construction, operation and maintenance of dams to protect public health, safety and welfare. MDNR regulates the construction and enlargement of dams, repair, alteration, maintenance, operation, abandonment and transfer of ownership through the dam safety permitting process. Minnesota Rules establishes minimum standards and criteria for dam classification and regulation. These cover both initial permitting and ongoing regulatory oversight. These actions are administered and monitored by the MDNR Dam Safety Unit.

PolyMet has submitted Dam Safety permit applications for the proposed NorthMet project.

DNR's technical experts have reviewed the applications for any major omissions. Next, we will initiate review by technical experts from state, local, and tribal governments, as applicable. After DNR completes its full review of the applications and considers the input from the other technical experts, we will determine whether to proceed with drafting permits. If we do draft permits, we will then seek public review and input. This will be the public's opportunity to formally engage in the process prior to decisions on these applications.

Where are we in the overall permitting process?

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Dam Safety Permit Application

To view PolyMet's Dam Safety Permit applications in PDF format please use the links below:

Reference documents

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Residue Management Plan v5 (40 MB) PDF »
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Geotechnical Data Package Volume 1 – Flotation Tailings Basin v7 (118 MB) PDF »
Geotechnical Data Package Volume 2 – Hydrometallurgical Residue Facility v6 (42 MB) PDF »
Wetland Permit Application v2 (101 MB) PDF »
Project Description v9 (22 MB) PDF »
NPDES/SDS Permit Application Volume V – Tailings Basin and Beneficiation Plant (56 MB) PDF »
Wetland Data Package v11 (42 MB) PDF »
Plant Site Water Management Plan v5 (43 MB) PDF »
Plant Site Water Modeling Data Package Volume 2 v11 (122 MB) PDF »
Waste Characterization Data Package v12 (47 MB) PDF »
Plant Site Air Quality Management Plan v7 (2 MB) PDF »
Consideration of a West Pit Backfill Alternative Interagency Memorandum (1 MB) PDF »