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DNR's Fall Land Auctions

In late October to early November, 40 northern Minnesota parcels will be auctioned at three different auctions.

Nine northwestern Minnesota parcels will be auctioned Tuesday, October 25 at the County Administration Building in Bemidji, and 27 northeastern Minnesota parcels will be auctioned at the Lake County Courthouse in Two Harbors on Thursday, October 27. An additional four parcels in north-central Minnesota will be auctioned at the DNR Brainerd Area office in Brainerd on November 3. See listings below for county-specific details.

Before attending an auction, please prepare by reviewing the property data sheets below, sorted by county and auction site, and by becoming familiar with the DNR’s auction sale procedures, found in the Instructions for Oral Bid Auction and Terms and Conditions of Sale. The instructions contain important information, such as how to bid, and the amount of downpayment required at the time of the sale.

Please note: The minimum bid prices listed below do not include the deed tax, which must also be paid by the buyer. The deed tax, collected by the county in which the land is located, is a percentage of the final bid price (0.0033 X the final bid price)

Minimum bids listed below are subject to adjustment to correct errors and omissions. Some bids are not available as of the first publication date of this information. More will be added in coming weeks. Acreage on most parcels is estimated without a survey, and is calculated as close as possible with the information available.

For more information: Please sign up for email notification on the Land Sale Email Update List (bottom of page). Land Sale Phone Line is: 651-259-5432, and Land Sale email: min.landsale@state.mn.us


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New Land Sale Web Map

View an interactive map displaying the land sale parcels that are currently up for Public Auction, are available now, or were recently sold.
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Northwest Region Fall Oral Bid Auction

Parcels in Cass, Clearwater, and Hubbard Counties

Tuesday, October 25, 1 p.m., with 12:30 p.m. registration

Beltrami County Administration Building
701 Minnesota Avenue NW
Bemidji, MN 56601

Cass County

  • Sale 11273 (1.22 acres, minimum bid – $37,780.00)
  • Sale 11274 (40 acres, minimum bid – $46,210.00)

Clearwater County

  • Six 40-acre parcels in Popple, Rice, and Nora Townships, minimum bids to be determined
  • One 1.12 acre lakeshore parcel on eastern shore of Pine Lake, minimum bid to be determined

Hubbard County

  • Sale 29103 (40 acres, minimum bid – $66,130.00)


Northeast Region Fall Oral Bid Auction

Parcels in Cook, Itasca, Lake, and St. Louis Counties

Thursday, October 27, 1 p.m. with 12:30 registration

Lake County Courthouse Annex
601 Third Avenue
Two Harbors, MN 55616

Cook County

  • Sale 16134 (40 acres, minimum bid – $42,250.00)
  • Sale 16145 (8.0 acre lakeshore lot, minimum bid – $202,850.00)
  • Sale 16146 (4.29 acre lot, minimum bid – $243,740.00)

Itasca County

  • Sale 31386 (40 acres, minimum bid – $46,460.00)
  • Sale 31387 (1.04-acre lakeshore lot, minimum bid – $92,770.00)
  • Sale 31390 (3.1-acre lakeshore lot, minimum bid – $87,620.00)
  • Sale 31391 (2.9-acre lakeshore lot, minimum bid – $50,570.00)
  • Sale 31393 (1.9-acre lakeshore lot, minimum bid – $167,570.00)
  • Sale 31395 (6.28-acre lakeshore lot, minimum bid – $72,410.00)
  • Sale 31397 (1.0-acre lakeshore lot, minimum bid - $267,530.00)
  • Sale 31398 (1.2-acre lakeshore lot, minimum bid – $232,410.00)

Lake County

  • Sale 38097 (20 acres, minimum bid – $35,060.00)

St. Louis County

  • Sale 69017 (8.0 acres, minimum bid – $11,280.00)
  • Sale 69050 (200 acres, minimum bid to be determined)
  • Sale 69440 (40 acres, minimum bid – $41,580.00)
  • Sale 69444 (40 acres, minimum bid – $30,330.00)
  • Sale 69530 (40 acres, minimum bid – $14,290.00)
  • Sale 69535 (40 acres, minimum bid – $26,260.00)
  • Sale 69543 (40 acres, minimum bid – $39,930.00)
  • Sale 69557 (40 acres, minimum bid - $43,880.00)
  • Sale 69567 (40 acres, minimum bid – $41,900.00)
  • Sale 69580 (0.59-acre lakeshore lot, minimum bid – $27,860.00)
  • Sale 69583 (0.68-acre lakeshore lot, minimum bid – $32,500.00)


North-Central Region Fall Oral Bid Auction

Parcels in Aitkin and Crow Wing counties

Thursday, November 3, 11 a.m. with 10:30 a.m. registration

DNR Brainerd Area Office
Lower level conference room
1601 Minnesota Drive
Brainerd, MN 56601

Aitkin County

  • Sale 01253 (44.25 acres, minimum bid – $37,320.00)
  • Sale 01254 (40 acres, minimum bid – $28,280.00)
  • Sale 01255 (27.88 acres, minimum bid – $18,040.00)

Crow Wing County

  • Sale 18163 (40 acres, minimum bid – $32,050.00)


Over the Counter Land Sales

Properties still available for purchase over-the-counter are posted below.

Interested parties should review the property data sheets posted below and the Instructions for Over-The-Counter Land Purchase and Terms and Conditions of Sale

Click on the underlined link to view or download the property data sheets.


  • 19003 PDF (Southern 40 acre parcel, minimum purchase price of $539,200.00)



The Mn Dept of Transportation and Dept of Administration also periodically sell surplus property. Click on the links to find out more.