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Surplus lands in St. Louis, Cook, Itasca and Lake counties will be sold at auction Thursday, October 9 at the Miners’ Memorial Building, 821 S. 9th Ave., Virginia.


The Department of Natural Resources will have its own bidder registration at the same time as the county, starting at 10 a.m. The county auction begins at 11 a.m. The DNR’s auction will be held immediately after the county’s auction.


Featured Properties for Sale in St. Louis County 

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Property 0169018: Taylor’s Island (5.5 acres, minimum bid, $194,275) 

In Lake Vermilion, a 5.5 acre parcel on one of the larger islands in the central area of Lake Vermilion, in a prime lakeshore area, to the south of Head of Lakes Bay Island. Public water access sites are nearby to the west.

0169018 Property Data Sheet »

Property 0169020: Bear Island Lake: Two non-adjacent parcels sold separately

Two non-adjacent parcels (to be sold separately) consisting of a recreational island lot of 0.84 acres on Little Bear Island, and a lakeshore parcel of 7.22 acres with a developable site. The parcel is located on the eastern shore of Bear Island Lake. The island parcel is accessible by boat from a nearby public water access site and from the lakeshore parcel.

-Island parcel (0.84 acres, minimum bid $33,500)
-Lakeshore parcel (7.22 acres, minimum bid $185,425)

0169020 Property Data Sheet »

Property 0169021: Fredenberg Township: Two parcels sold separately

Two wooded, mostly upland parcels (to be sold separately), with road access; one approximately 12 acres, southwesterly of County 48 (Fish Lake Road), and the other approximately 68 acres located northeasterly of the road.

-North parcel (68 acres, minimum bid $101,600)
-South parcel (12 acres, minimum bid $37,450)

0169021 Property Data Sheet »

Property 0169019: Twig Trust (120 acres, minimum bid, $102,050)

A 120-acre parcel bisected by Hwy 53, located on both sides of the road, about ¾ mile north of Twig. The property is mostly high and wooded, with a mix of trees, appropriate for recreational or residential use.  There are approximately eight acres to the southwest of the highway, and 102 acres to the northeast, with 10 acres of highway right of way.  A MNDOT permitted access point on the western side only.

0169019 Property Data Sheet »

Property 0169017: Orr Buyck Road (6 acres, minimum bid, $11,325) 

A partially-wooded 6-acre parcel just west of the city of Buyck, Portage Township,  lying northerly and westerly of County Highway 23, with frontage on County 23 and River Road.  Across the road to the south and east is about 620 contiguous acres of state recreation land.

0169017 Property Data Sheet »

Property 0169015: Britt Trust (40 acres, minimum bid, $14,950) 

A 40-acre parcel, just east of the city of Britt, Sandy Township, with attractive recreational potential, in a location adjacent to a tract of more than 1,000 acres belonging to the state and the Superior National Forest.

0169015 Property Data Sheet »


Other Properties for Sale in Cook, Hubbard, Itasca, Lake, and St. Louis Counties

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St. Louis


Parcel #69564 (26.5 acres, min bid $655,750) has been removed from the list of lands to be offered for public auction.


Interactive Web Map
See the properties listed above on a new DNR interactive web map for this State Land Sale. The interactive web map displays the parcels available in the DNR's Public Land Sale Auction scheduled for October 9, 2014. The parcels offered are displayed on the map in red and can be clicked on for basic parcel information as well as be linked to the parcels Property Data Sheet (PDF) for more detailed information. 

Disclaimer: The map boundaries shown here are illustrations intended for locational purposes and should not be construed as certified survey drawings or official maps.

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Parcel #69564 (26.5 acres, min bid $655,750) has been removed from the list of lands to be offered for public auction.


Intending to bid
Please review the INSTRUCTIONS FOR ORAL BID AUCTION AND TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF SALE. Properties will be offered at the minimum bid identified and can be bid up. The successful bidder must pay at least 10 percent of the successful bid at the time of sale.

Instructions for Oral Bid Auction and Terms and Conditions »

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St. Louis County Public Auction
DNR is holding this auction in conjunction with St. Louis County’s auction of tax-forfeited lands, which are listed on the county’s website located at the following link:

St. Louis County Auction »


Over the Counter Land Sales

Properties still available for purchase over-the-counter are posted below.
Interested parties should review the property data sheets posted below and the Instructions for Over-The-Counter Land Purchase and Terms and Conditions of Sale

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