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Public Auction

The Department of Natural Resources held a public land auction on June 8 in St. Paul.

Two parcels were offered for sale in Dakota County and one sold:
19002 PDF (Northern 40 acre parcel: minimum bid/sold price $542,150.00)

The remaining southern 40 acre parcel in Dakota County is available Over-the-Counter (see below).

Over the Counter Land Sales

Prices Reduced!

Recent legislation now allows the prices of previously offered properties to be reduced! Some properties have a new, lower minimum purchase price. Properties still available for purchase over-the-counter are posted below.

Interested parties should review the property data sheets posted below and the Instructions for Over-The-Counter Land Purchase and Terms and Conditions of Sale

Click on the underlined link to view or download the property data sheets.


  • Sale 01253 (44.25 acres, minimum purchase price $49,350.00 – NOW $37,320.00)
  • Sale 01254 (40 acres, minimum purchase price $37,300.00 – NOW $28,280.00)
  • Sale 01255 (27.88 acres, minimum purchase price $23,080.00 – NOW $18,040.00)


  • Sale 11273 (1.22 acres, minimum purchase price $55,710.00)
  • Sale 11274 (40 acres, minimum purchase price $59,180.00)

Crow Wing

  • Sale 18163 (40 acres, minimum purchase price $42,075.00 – NOW $32,050.00)


  • 19003 PDF (Southern 40 acre parcel, minimum purchase price of $539,200.00)


  • Sale 29106 (30 acres, Sold on May 9, 2016)
  • Sale 29103 (40 acres, minimum purchase price $72,725.00 – NOW $66,130.00)

The Mn Dept of Transportation and Dept of Administration also periodically sell surplus property. Click on the links to find out more.