Goal 4: Operational Excellence

The DNR demonstrates operational excellence and continuous improvement in service to citizens.

The Challenge

High-quality resource management depends on high-quality employees and operational systems to support them. Technology developments, increasingly complex conservation challenges, tight budgets and growing public expectations -- including expectations for sustainable energy infrastructure -- are creating a demand for new approaches to internal operations and partnerships.



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  1. Citizen demand for information and service is growing.
  2. Costs of doing business are increasing.
  3. Funding capacity and flexibility are decreasing.
  4. Demands on staff time and resources are growing.

This page offers a quick overview of our plans to meet this goal. For more details, click below to learn more.

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To meet our goal of demonstrating operational excellence and continuous improvement, we will:

  • invest wisely to manage future operational costs
  • streamline delivery of desired results
  • enhance citizen access to information about our work
  • develop our workforce by providing a positive work environment
  • practice adaptive management to meet current and future needs.


The following actions are examples of how we will carry out these strategies.

Put safety first

We will work to eliminate work-related accidents, help local governments when disaster strikes, and improve safety and accessibility of DNR facilities around the state.

Provide better service

We will continuously improve our work, use plain language, and modernize our digital presence to improve accessibility to information and services.

Upgrade Minnesota's public land portfolio

We will buy and exchange lands to increase the conservation value of our holdings and better coordinate management with public and private partners.

Grow a diverse, highly skilled and responsive workforce

We will expand partnerships with organizations that foster natural resource careers and invest in training to build and support a more diverse workforce.

Increase energy efficiency and renewable energy use

We will use more efficient vehicles, reduce employee miles driven, boost building energy efficiency and use more renewable energy.