Living with nature and nuisance animal tips

Learn how to best deal with these animals, which sometimes can become a nuisance:

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Even people who cherish wildlife will recognize the enormous amount of damage, not to mention frustration, animals can cause.

Wildlife damage costs taxpayers millions of dollars every year in crop losses, and damage to homes and property. Unfortunately, sometimes wildlife will continue to be a problem. Many animals like squirrels, raccoons and deer thrive on the habitat created by suburban sprawl and the fragmentation of woods and forests. The means we choose to prevent wildlife damage will, to some degree, determine its incidence in the future.

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Install a wildlife fence

Prevent deer from feeding on agricultural crops and damaging your landscaping. Check out this series of training videos that demonstrate how to install a wildlife fence »

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Be your dog's best friend

To protect pets and wildlife, owners should monitor and leash pets in areas where they may encounter wildlife. Many wild animals - including wolves and cougars - are protected and can't be killed to defend a pet. Learn more  about taking a nuisance animal »

Minnesota Statute

2022 Minnesota Statute 97B.655 Taking Animals Causing Damage


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