Ruffed Grouse Management Areas

Ruffed Grouse Management Areas (RGMAs) are a great destination for the hunter looking to experience grouse and woodcock hunting. RGMAs are located in areas that have good potential for producing grouse and woodcock and are managed to promote suitable habitat conditions for these species.

Ruffed Grouse Management Areas:

  • range in size from 400 to 4,800 acres.
  • occupy over 100,000 acres in total, in 49 designated locations.
  • contain 184 miles of hunter walking trails.
  • allow dogs.

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Hunter Information

Respect private property and verify public hunting areas by observing boundary signs.

RGMAs are good places for upland forest bird hunting, yet they do receive considerable hunting pressure from bird hunters. RGMAs are also open to other types of hunting and recreation.

Note: There are thousands of acres of state forest and WMA land that, although not designated as RGMAs, have ongoing timber management that provides excellent ruffed grouse habitat.
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RGMA Management

RGMAs are maintained in partnership with government land owners, The Ruffed Grouse Society, volunteers, and by DNR wildlife managers. Because of the variety of ownerships and funding for maintenance, amenities and conditions can vary among locations. RGMAs may be managed by these various agencies through cooperative agreements or by a single agency.

Trail Information

Enhancements on the trails vary. Some feature clover planted along the trail; others have forest openings that tend to attract wildlife. Some are mowed annually. Many of the trails follow the courses of old logging roads. Forests change over time as the succession of forest growth progresses. Because of this natural cycle, the forest along the trails and the wildlife that inhabit the area change with time.

Thanks! Many RGMAs and this online resource were developed with funding from Ruffed Grouse Society.

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