Public water access

water access

Public water accesses are open 24 hours a day unless posted. They are available for both trailer and carry-in. 12-18 foot boats can be launched at most launch ramps; some can handle larger boats. There are no launch fees, unless the access is located in a park requiring a vehicle permit. Looking for a new spot to launch your boat? Check out our maps!

Visitor alert

Low water levels are making boat launching and retrieval more challenging this year at many area lakes and rivers. Check the ramp before launching, especially the firmness of the gravel at the end of the concrete ramp and the water depth. If there is a power loading hole at the end of the ramp the trailer tires could get stuck. Use smaller watercraft or a different waterbody if the launch ramp you normally use is too shallow. Watch for additional obstructions in the lake or river, like large boulders or tree stumps.

Updated 6/18/21

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Clean in. Clean out.

Clean your watercraft, drain all water, dispose of unused bait.
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Best management practices

Information for access providers and resource managers.

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Current conditions

Contact the nearest DNR area office to check current conditions for specific accesses.

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