Land and water permits

Aquatic plant control permits

Burning permits


Fishery and fishing related permits

Harvest permit on state lands

Invasive species permits

Utility crossing licenses

Water permits

Animal permits

Permits issued by the DNR may allow scientists, educators, animal control authorities, natural resource professionals and the public to take or possess live animals, animal remains, nests and homes for educational and research purposes.

Endangered species permits

Falconry permit


Wildlife rehabilitation permits

Permits for Scientific Research

Permits issued by the DNR may allow may allow scientists, educators, natural resource professionals and the public to conduct scientific research on Minneosta lands and natural resources.

Business permits

Lake Service Provider

Special permits

includes dog training, disability licenses and permits, collector snowmobile, and radio use

Enforcement permits

Permits & licenses for people with disabilities

State park permits

State park vehicle permit

State park research permit

Business Resources

Businesses that are looking to start, grow, or relocate in Minnesota often encounter more than one agency when seeking permits. To get help with navigating multiple permitting needs, check out the interagency partnership Minnesota Business First Stop.