Natural resources education

photo collage of students in a fort, student with a tub, two boys fishing, teacher outside with instructor.

Here is your natural resources education clearinghouse. We have resources for educators, families, and anyone interested in learning more about natural resource conservation and outdoor recreation.


Attend hands-on training in one or more of these award-winning curriculums.

  • Project Learning Tree uses trees and forests as a lens to engage students in the environment and learn about natural resources.
  • Project WET (Water Education for Today) is an action-oriented education that helps participants understand and value water, ensuring a sustainable future.
  • Project WILD is a wildlife-based curriculum that fosters responsible actions toward wildlife and related natural resources.

The Minnesota School Forest Program partners with schools that want to teach outdoors for regular classroom instruction and manage their land sustainably for future generations.

Check out more DNR teaching resources, including how to get started, lessons, posters, wildfire prevention activities, and nature play ideas.

Learn about the Minnesota Department of Education’s Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Booklet and Early Childhood Outdoor Learning Ideas Guide.

Individuals and families

Learn a new skill, gain confidence, and have fun through our outdoor skills programs.

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