Wetland Inventory Review Tool User Guide

The Wetland Inventory Review Tool is a web-based mapping tool for Soil and Water Conservation Districts, Drainage Authorities, and local governments to review the Wetland Inventory map and suggest corrections. The DNR will review comments and periodically submit updates to the map with accepted changes.

Accessing the Review Tool

To access the Review Tool for the first time:

  1. Visit the log-in page. You must use a Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explore 9 (or above) browser.
  2. Click "Don't have an account? Sign up here."
  3. Complete the requested information.
  4. Click "Create Account".

Once you have completed the steps above, your account access will be pending. Authorization will take up to one day. Please wait a few hours before logging into your account.

Existing DNR Review Tool users:

  1. Visit the log-in page. You must use a Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 9 (or above) browser.
  2. Log in with your current DNR account username and password. If you forgot your password, use the "Forgot Password?" link to create a new one.
  3. Click the blue arrow to enter the Review Tool.

Reviewing and Commenting

Registered users will have access to view all comments, but only have edit access for their own comments.

To enter a comment:

  1. To request a change in the draft wetland inventory map, first zoom to the area where you want to make a comment.
  2. Then click on the “comment” tool in the right hand toolbar.
  3. A side panel will open up with instructions.
  4. Click on the one of the buttons in the panel to indicate the type of comment you want to make, either add a wetland area, delete a wetland area, or change a wetland type.
  5. Create a comment by clicking and holding down the mouse button then dragging your mouse to draw the shape of the comment.
  6. Simply release the mouse button to complete the drawing.
  7. The side panel will then show a blank comment form.
  8. Enter in a text explanation of your request for change.
  9. Submit the change request by clicking the “Commit Feature” button at the bottom of the form.

Comment status information

There are three comment statuses – pending, submitted, and withheld. The initial status of all comments are pending indicating that DNR review of the comment is not complete. After the DNR review, comments that are approved to pass along to the mapping contractor are changed to “submitted”. Comments that are not passed along to the mapping contractor are changed to “withheld”. Not all submitted comments will result in a change to the final map. A submitted status only means that the comment is submitted for the mapping contractor to re-evaluate.

Map Navigation

Screenshot of inventory tool with the legend and sample ground features

Map Key

  1. Layers
    Change the background layer by clicking on the control. There are several different background layers: lidar-derived hillshade, spring leaf-off aerial imagery, USGS topographic quad maps and several years of available summer aerial imagery.
  2. Zoom
    Click the + and - buttons to zoom into and out of the map, or use your mouse wheel. Click and drag to pan.
  3. Legend
    Click on the legend icon to open a side-panel box to display the legend for the Wetland Inventory.
  4. Search
    Click the search icon to open a side-panel box. Use the search tool to quickly find an area on the map by location name, address or public land survey information.
  5. Comment
    The comment icon is used to suggest a correction to the preliminary Wetland Inventory.
  6. Info
    Click on this button and then click on a wetland polygon to review the attributes for that polygon.
  7. Overlays
    The overlay icon provides access to additional related GIS data including the original National Wetland Inventory and hydric soils data.
  8. 1:3000
    Click on this button to zoom to a scale of 1:3000 (close up) for reviewing wetland inventory map details.
  9. Logout
    Click on the logout button to exit the Review Tool.


If you have questions about using this Review Tool, contact [email protected].

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