Minnesota DNR text to subscribe offerings

Sign up to receive notifications from the DNR via SMS (text messaging) on your phone. A link to a web page will usually be included to provide an update.


By texting one of the following text strings below MNDNR (KEYWORD) to 66468, you will be signed up to receive SMS (text messages) on your phone from the Minnesota DNR.


  • Text MNDNR FALL to 66468 and you will be subscribed to the DNR's fall color report.
  • Text MNDNR SURPLUS to 66468 and you will be subscribed to the DNR's surplus equipment updates.
  • Text MNDNR WEEKLYREPORT to 66468 and you will be subscribed to the DNR's news releases.


  • To unsubscribe from any SMS list, the next time you receive an SMS message, simply reply MNDNR STOP to cancel / unsubscribe.
  • If you have trouble Unsubscribing, please contact [email protected] or our information center at 888-646-6367. Be sure to provide your phone number and what list you would like to be unsubscribed from.

List Name

Subscribe Text

List Description

Fall Colors UpdateFALLUntil the leaves fall off, we'll notify you each Thursday with a list of all the Minnesota state parks where fall colors are peaking that week.
CO Weekly ReportWEEKLYREPORTReceive notification when the weekly report of Conservation Officer activities is available online. (Tuesday mornings)
DNR Volunteer NewsVOLUNTEERReceive quarterly emails on updated seasonal volunteer positions with the Minnesota DNR. Special volunteer opportunities, trainings, and news will be sent out occasionally.
Fire Danger InformationFIREWildfire Information about fire danger rating and current burning restrictions for the State of Minnesota. Maps are updated daily during spring, summer and fall fire seasons.
Surplus Equipment AuctionsSURPLUSThis list will notify subscribers of auctions where DNR equipment will be auctioned off, usually through the Department of Administration.
Confiscated hunting and fishing equipment auctionsCONSALEUsed to inform the public about upcoming confiscated hunting and fishing equipment auctions. These are held on an as needed basis.
SNA NewsletterNATURENOTESSign up to receive periodic news and event listings for volunteers of Scientific and Natural Areas.
Recreation SafetyRECSAFETYSeasonal safety checklists and tips for boating, snowmobiling, hunting and off-roading. Plus, updates on law changes, safety products and more.


Message and data rates may apply. By subscribing to this service, you agree to the Granicus terms and conditions for wireless messages. This data is considered private data under the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act. Read our disclaimers, legal notices and policies section for more information.