Game & fish fund budgetary oversight

Eighteen Minnesotans have been appointed to two-year terms on citizen oversight committees that monitor the agency’s fish and wildlife spending. A total of 161 Minnesotans applied for oversight committee positions this time. Factors in choosing the new appointees included geographic distribution, demographic diversity and a variety of outdoor interests.

Game and Fish Fund citizen oversight committees meet with managers and staffs of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to review the DNR's annual Game and Fish Fund Report including expenditures, budgets, spending plans and other information related to the Game and Fish Fund under the citizen committees' authority in Minnesota Statutes, section 97A.055, subd. 4b.

The Fisheries Oversight Committee (FOC) and the Wildlife Oversight Committee (WOC) continue a citizen oversight function created in 1994. Members are appointed for two-year terms through an open application process and are limited to three consecutive terms. The commissioner may make additional appointments to the committees as appropriate. Former members may seek another appointment if at least two years have passed since last serving on any oversight committee. The BOC Chair appointment is reviewed every year and is renewable by mutual agreement of the BOC Chair and the DNR Commissioner. The next open application process will occur in the fall of 2020

Five members are selected by each committee to serve on an umbrella Budgetary Oversight Committee (BOC) whose chair is also appointed by the commissioner. The BOC develops an annual report with recommendations for improvement and other observations. Their findings and recommendations are delivered to the DNR commissioner and legislative committees with jurisdiction over natural resources financing and policy for further consideration. See the Members page for current appointees.

The Game and Fish Fund is the DNR's most important fund for delivering fish, wildlife and law enforcement programs. It is used, among other things, to manage 5,400 fishing lakes, 1,400 Wildlife Management Areas and support 150-plus field conservation officers. Nearly $100 million flows in and out of this account each year. The revenue is primarily the product of hunting and fishing license sales, federal reimbursements and a sales tax on state lottery tickets.




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DNR Operations Services Division
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