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The Hunter Recruitment and Retention Program recognizes the importance of hunters as conservationists and the important role they play in the North American model of wildlife conservation.

As such, it supports hunters and hunting by reducing barriers to participation and opening doors of opportunity. Furthermore, it promotes a positive image of hunters and hunting in an effort to preserve and foster hunting's place as an important part of Minnesota's outdoor heritage.

Fortunately, Minnesota already has the most important ingredients necessary for successful hunter recruitment and retention, a citizenry and culture that supports hunting and a wealth of game species and public hunting lands.

Changing The Game

View PDF: Recruiting and Retaining Minnesota Hunters and Anglers

Learn about the long-range vision for more effective public and private sector hunter and angler recruitment and retention programs.

Hunter recruitment/retention is a long-term process that includes the following stages:

  1. Awareness
  2. Interest
  3. Trial
  4. Continuation with support
  5. Continuation without focused support
  6. Continuation as a hunting proponent

The Hunter Recruitment and Retention Program, through legislative initiative and hands-on experiential learning programs, strives to support the various stages of the recruitment and retention process. Currently, most of our efforts are focused on the trial and continuation with support stages.

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