Grindstone Dam Removal Project

The DNR section of Fisheries proposes to remove the dam on the Grindstone River in Hinckley and restore connectivity to the river channel. This would result in the permanent removal of the 26.6-acre Grindstone Reservoir, which is a public water basin. The removal is proposed because the dam is in poor condition, it presents a safety hazard, and it is a barrier to passage of fish and other aquatic wildlife on the river. The dam also does not allow for natural sediment transport and natural stream features or habitat diversity.


EIS - Determination of Adequacy

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has determined that the environmental impact statement (EIS) for the Grindstone River Dam Removal Project meets the state’s standards for adequacy.

In determining the EIS is adequate, the DNR followed state law and based its decision on these three criteria:

  • Does the EIS analyze the topics identified in scoping?
  • Does the EIS respond to comments received on the draft?
  • Did the DNR follow the process established in state statute and rule for preparing an environmental impact statement?

Prior to making its adequacy determination, the DNR reviewed all comments received by the agency on the Final EIS and considered comments in relation to these three criteria.

The agency has produced a record of decision (ROD) that articulates the basis for its adequacy determination and documents its consideration of the comments it received on the Final EIS.

Issuing this ROD concludes the state environmental review process for this project according to the Minnesota Environmental Quality Board rules, Minnesota Rules, parts 4410.1000 to 4410.1700. This project may proceed to permitting and approvals.

The permit decision process evaluates the details of a project to determine whether it can comply with all applicable environmental regulations. If issued, permits would establish the required measures needed to avoid, minimize, or mitigate environmental impacts.


Final EIS documents

Because no comments were submitted suggesting the need to update the draft EIS, the draft EIS is the final EIS for this project.

Previous EIS scoping documents

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