Commissioner identifies 63 miles of potential ATV trails

December 26, 2002

Mr. Dennis Asmussen, Director
DNR Division of Trails and Waterways
500 Lafayette Road
St. Paul, MN 55155

Dear Mr. Asmussen,

This letter is in reference to formal designation of all-terrain-vehicle (ATV) trails on certain Wildlife Management Areas (WMA) in northwest Minnesota. As you know the Con-Con legislation that was passed in the 2002 session requires that this department identify, designate, and sign at least 90-miles of trails on these lands.

The three local County Con-Con Work Teams have been very active in reviewing potential trails and have developed well thought-out recommendations. In addition, the Con-Con Policy Advisory Committee met last week, and formally moved that all County Work Team trail segments receiving unanimous (8-0) votes of approval be forwarded to me for further action in the ATV trail designation process. This amounted to approximately 63 miles of proposed ATV trails that are on, or contiguous to, the WMA lands.

Therefore, I am hereby identifying these initial 63 miles for potential ATV use and direct you to proceed with the process of ATV trail designation on the proposed trail segments that were approved by the local work teams and recommended by the Policy Advisory Committee on December 12, 2002. The trail designation process will be led by your division with the timely input and participation of staff from the Divisions of Wildlife, Ecological Resources, and Forestry, and will include the development of trail descriptions, cost analysis, and environmental review, as appropriate. I want to encourage you, and the other participating directors, to focus your attention on this issue, as there is a January 15, 2004 statutory deadline for the overall process.

I also want to thank you and your staff for the work you have already invested in this process. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.



Allen Garber

Con-Con Policy Advisory Committee Members
Local Work Team Members
Steven Morse
Wayne Edgerton

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