Lake name: Clearwater

County: Wright

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Water Level Data

Period of record: 01/01/1932 to 05/15/2018
# of readings: 430
Highest recorded: 996 ft (06/27/1983)
Lowest recorded: 989 ft (01/01/1951)
Recorded range: 7 ft
Last reading: 991.49 ft (05/15/2018)
Ordinary High Water Level (OHW) elevation: 991.3 ft
Datum: NGVD 29 (ft)

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Elevation: 1001.31 ftDatum: NGVD 29 (ft)
Date Set: 04/21/2015Location: T122R27S31
Description: Found 2017 for use only with prior permission from owner. SW corner of Easterly-most concrete footing supporting upper level on lake-side of private residence, 463 Beechwood Rd, South Haven.
Elevation: 993.13 ftDatum: NGVD 29 (ft)
Date Set: 05/19/1954Location: T122R27S32
Description: Found 2019. Brass plate stamped "Dept. of Agriculture" at top downstream end of left abutment of Grass Lake dam. [Note: Elevation = 993.47 (NAVD 88) as per 2/11/19 GPS survey.]
Elevation: 996.8 ftDatum: NGVD 29 (ft)
Date Set: 04/06/2017Location: T121R28S11
Description: Found 2018. 60d spike in NW side of 1.5' ash, 0.5' above ground, in North grass island turnaround at Bob's Bay State Public Access, across from 12635 Bayview Rd, South Haven, at NW side of lake.
Elevation: 997.99 ftDatum: NGVD 29 (ft)
Date Set: 04/30/2002Location: T121R28S12
Description: Found 2008 for use only with prior permission from landowner. 60d spike in West side of 2.1' cottonwood stump, Easterly of 2 large cottonwood stumps on north side of yellow pole barn, at private property, 10475 Montgomery Ave NW, Annandale.