Stand Not Found

The ForestView server was unable to find a forest stand based on your mouse click. This may be because:

1) You "missed the point" when trying to select a stand.

  • You need to be zoomed in on the map to an area about the size of a single township (or smaller), so that stands are clearly visible on the map.
  • You then need to:
    • Ensure that the "info" icon to the left of the map is selected
    • Place center of the crosshair selector inside of the shape that represents the stand you wish to retrieve data for
    • Click to retrieve data


2) You were trying to create a new map; not retrieve data for a stand. If this is the case, return to the map page and make sure the "info" icon (shown at right) is not selected. Then try to create the new map again.

3) You are working in an area in which there is no forest stand data available. Stand information can only be retrieved for areas represented by stand shapes on the map.

Please return to the map interface and try again.

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