LakeFinder Mobile - FAQ

Why can't I find LakeFinder in my app store?
The new LakeFinder is not an application, rather it is a mobile website. You have to access it through your device's web browser. Visit to access the site.

What happened to the original Android-only application?
We are still supporting that application but will not be making any further updates to the application. As a result we have removed it from the Android Market to avoid any confusion with the new mobile website. Existing users of the Android application are encouraged to use the new mobile website instead.

Why a website, why not an application?
Soon after the original application was release we received numerous requests for support for other platforms (iPhone, Windows Phone, etc...). We searched for ways to meet the needs of multiple platforms in a sustainable fashion and concluded that a mobile website was our best option. The new mobile website runs on just about anything with a modern web browser, including your desktop computer.

How can I add a shortcut to the website to my phones home screen
Both Apple and Android devices support website shortcuts. The process varies by phone but first you need to visit the website and then bookmark it. From the bookmark you should be able to add an icon to the home screen.

Do you have any navigation hints for the new mobile LakeFinder website?

  • It's just a website so the browser's forward and back buttons work as expected.
  • Clicking on the yellow LakeFinder header will always take you back to the front page.
  • Clicking on a lake name will always take you that lake's summary page.
  • Clicking on a bobber adds or removes a lake from your list of favorites. A red bobber means it's a favorite, a gray bobber means it's not.

Can I find even more information on the DNR website?
Yes! The main version of LakeFinder is a great tool to use in addition to the mobile website. On our website, you will be able to find information on water clarity/quality and view additional lake maps.

Does the LakeFinder mobile website save data on my phone?
When you mark a lake as a favorite, that information is stored in a browser cookie so that it can be retrieved for future use.

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