Minnesota state parks reservation system FAQ

We've simplified and updated our reservations policy. 

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These new changes took effect December 1, 2020:

  1. Cancellation fees are eliminated for cancellations that occur 14 days or more before arrival to encourage early cancellation and allow sites to be rebooked (reservation fees are non-refundable).
  2. Reservation holders who do not call or occupy the site on their reserved date of arrival will be canceled by park staff to allow others to reserve the site.
  3. Customers who make a reservation where the departure date is outside the 120 day reservation window must wait 21 days before they can modify or cancel the reservation.

All campsites in Minnesota state parks and recreation areas require a reservation before they may be occupied, year-round. We strongly recommend you make your reservations before leaving home, because cell phone coverage and wi-fi are unpredictable at some parks.


How is COVID-19 affecting reservations?

If you will be visiting a state park or recreation area, you need to know our Key Three:

1. Plan to be flexible. Explore new destinations and consider mid-week travel. Parks are busy as more people get outdoors, so we encourage you to discover a new favorite this summer!

2. Arrive prepared. Buy your vehicle permit online, check visitor alerts and download maps before your trip. We encourage you to bring everything you might need as we transition back to full service.

3. Recreate responsibly. If you are not vaccinated, please wear a face covering indoors and stay 6 feet from others. Help conserve these special places for the future by staying on trails and leaving no trace.

Are reservations required year-round?

Yes, all lodging and all campsites in state parks and recreation areas are 100% reservable and require a reservation. Sites that are open in the winter still require a reservation.

You can make same-day reservations with no reservation fee, whether you're booking your site from home, from the road, or at the park.

If you want to camp without a reservation, the state forest recreation areas have first-come, first-served sites.

How do I make a reservation?

Make your reservation online.

Or call us toll free at 866-857-2757.

Call center hours
October 1 through March 31: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m., Monday - Friday and 8 a.m. - 2 p.m. Saturday and Sunday.
April 1 through September 30: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. daily.
Closed on holidays.

What is the reservations window - when can I book my trip?

You can make a camping or lodging reservation up to 120 days before your arrival date. If you're booking your stay at the maximum window, there's no need to book each day individually. You can book your entire stay in one transaction.

Online reservations can be made 24 hours a day, except for the first day a reservation becomes available. On that first day, reservations cannot be made before 8 a.m CST.

For those who prefer to be spontaneous, we offer same-day reservations with no reservation fee, whether you're booking your site from home, from the road, or even from the park.

How long can I stay?

Maximum nights for a single camping reservation: 14.
Maximum nights for a single lodging reservation: 7. 

What is the reservation fee?

It is $7.00 to make a reservation online and $10.00 to make a reservation by phone. These fees are non-refundable.

There is no fee to make a same-day reservation.

What is defined as 'camping' and what is 'lodging'?

Camping includes campsites, wall tents, yurts, and group camps.

Lodging includes cabins, camper cabins, guest houses, suites, and rooms.

I have a camping reservation, do I also need to purchase a state park vehicle permit?

All vehicles entering a state park or recreation area must have a state park vehicle permit. This includes overnight-stays and day visits.

More information on Minnesota state park vehicle permits.

How can I see my current and past reservations?

Log in and go to "Your Account" and then "Your Reservations."

This page will show all of your upcoming reservations. Use the date filter to see your past reservations.

Can I modify my reservation?

Yes, you may modify a reservation up to two times. If the departure date of your reservation is outside the 120 day reservation window you will need to wait 21 days before you can modify it.

If you have already modified a reservation twice and you need to make additional modifications, you will need to cancel and make a new reservation.

It is $5.00 to modify online and $7.00 to modify by calling the Reservation Call Center, 866-857-2757.

To modify a reservation online, log in and go to "Your Account" and then "Your Reservations." Find your upcoming reservation on the list, along with options to cancel, modify or reprint your reservation.

To shorten or lengthen your stay, adjust the nights under "Reservation Dates."

  • If you are shortening your stay you will be due back a refund.
  • If you want more nights than are available, you will get an error message.

To change sites or parks, go to "Select New Unit" in the "Unit Details" box. This will take you to the calendar view for the park from your unmodified reservation.

  • Search for and select a new stay just as you did when you made your original reservation.
  • Go back through the shopping cart with your new stay. The system will adjust the amount you owe or the amount we owe you.
What are the cancellation and no-show policies?

The camping and lodging reservation fee is not refundable, and is charged at the time the reservation is made. If the departure date of your reservation is outside the 120 day reservation window you will need to wait 21 days before you can modify it.

As of December 1, 2020:

Camping cancellations
  • Cancel 14 or more days prior to arrival: No cancellation fee.
  • Cancel less than 14 days prior to arrival, but more than 48 hours prior to check-in: $10 cancellation fee.
  • Cancel less than 48 hours prior to check-in: $10 cancellation fee and the first night's camping fees are deducted from the original site fees paid.
Lodging cancellations
  • Cancel 14 or more days prior to arrival: No cancellation fee.
  • Cancel less than 14 days prior to arrival: $10 cancellation fee and one night's lodging fee is forfeited. (Not to exceed the original amount paid.)
No shows
  • If the site is not occupied by 11:00 a.m. the day after the scheduled date of arrival, the reservation may be canceled with no fees refunded. Upon cancellation, the site will immediately be opened for re-booking.
Can I purchase or redeem a Minnesota state parks gift card using the reservations website?

Yes, you can purchase a gift card online and it will be mailed out to you.

You may use a gift card to make a reservation. You can split your payment between a gift card and a credit card, but only one gift card may be used per transaction online. To apply multiple gift cards to a single transaction, please use the call center.

Besides camping and lodging, what can I reserve or purchase using the reservations website?
  • Online reservations for tours and programs, including cave and mine tours.
  • Online reservations for the I Can! programs.
  • Day and annual state park vehicle permits.

Ski and horse passes, OHV and snowmobile registrations, and fishing and hunting licenses are not sold through the Minnesota state parks reservations system.

I can't get into my account, or I can’t set up a new account. What should I do?

We can help you reset your password, recover an existing account, or walk you through setting up a new account. Use the Contact Us form or email [email protected].

If you are trying to access an existing account, please include your name, phone number, and street address when you contact us so we can look it up in the system.

I don't want to use a credit card but I need to make a reservation. What are my options?

We strongly encourage the use of credit cards during the COVID-19 pandemic, but you can still pay with cash or check if you prefer - or a Minnesota state parks gift card.

Pay with cash (only available for same-day reservations):

Contact the call center and tell them which spot you are reserving. They will put your reservation on hold, and you can pay using cash at the self-registration station when you arrive at the park.

Pay with a check (only available for reservations over a month away):

You can only pay by check for reservations with arrival dates over 30 days out.

Contact the call center and tell them which spot you are reserving, and that you will be paying by check. They will put a hold on your site and give you instructions to mail your payment.

If we do not receive your check 21 days prior to your arrival, we will cancel your reservation.

I still have questions or comments about the reservations system or policy.

Please email [email protected] and we will get back to you.