DNR Roundtable: collaboration for conservation

Roundtable participants gather to discuss issues

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources hosts its annual Roundtable event each January. For the past 30 years, the DNR has invited individuals, organizations, and government representatives interested in fisheries, wildlife, and ecological and water resources to come together and discuss important issues related to those resources. Recent Roundtables have attracted more than 300 people annually. Attendance is limited due to space considerations and staff capacity to engage with participants.

Webex Participation Instructions

31st Annual DNR Roundtable

Theme: Public Health, Social Equity, and Natural Resource Management
Date: Friday, Jan. 22, 2021
Time: 9-5
Format: Virtual event! This COVID-19-related adjustment is intended to protect the health and safety of participants.

The Roundtable remains invitation only, due to staff capacity to engage with participants. Invited participants will receive registration and event information via email.  

Event keynote: Commissioner Sarah Strommen

Keynote panelists:

  • Preston Cole, Secretary, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources
  • Cathy Chavers, Chairwoman of the Bois Forte Band of Chippewa
  • J Drew Lanham, Professor of Wildlife Ecology, Clemson University
  • Alora Jones, Digital Strategist and Conservation Writer, The Nature Conservancy
  • Verónica Jaralambides, Marketing Consultant, Minnesota DNR Parks and Trails Division

Afternoon concurrent session topics include:

  • 2020 overviews and research
  • Ensuring equity of access
  • Pandemic impacts  
  • Climate change
  • Planning

Please check back after the event – we’ll be sharing some of the great discussion!
This Roundtable email address is monitored regularly surrounding the event date:
[email protected]


  • Roundtable Opening Plenary, with Opening Remarks by Commissioner Sarah Strommen. 32 mins.
  • Keynote Panel Presentations, with Panelists Preston Cole, Cathy Chavers, J. Drew Lanham, Alora Jones, and Veronica Jaralambides. 1 hr 36 mins.
  • Keynote Panel Q & A, with Panelists Preston Cole, Cathy Chavers, J. Drew Lanham, Alora Jones, and Veronica Jaralambides. 44 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 1.1 Fisheries Resource Highlights, presenters Dave Olfelt and Brad Parsons. 29 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 1.2 Fisheries Research: Deepening the Science, presenter Heidi Rantala. 27 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 1.3 Panfish Limits and Angler Behavior, presenters Jeff Reed and Scott Mackenthun. 29 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 1.4 Improving Fish Habitat Through Culvert and Dam Redesign, presenters Jamison Wendel and Pat Brown. 30 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 2.1 Wildlife Resource Highlights, presenters Pat Rivers and Mike Larson. 28 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 2.2 Wildlife Research: Deepening the Science, presenters Michelle Carstensen, Adam Landon, Lindsey Shartell, Nicole Davros, and Bruce Davis. 27 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 2.3 Ensuring Equitable Access to Wildlife Management Areas, presenters Jami Markle, Liz Scherber, Bruce Anderson, and Dave Trauba. 29 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 2.4 Enhancing Public Engagement in Wildlife Planning, presenters Dan Stark and Kelly Wilder. 28 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 3.1 Ecological and Water Resource Highlights, presenter Ann Pierce. 30 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 3.2 Ecological Research: Deepening the Science, presenters Fred Harris and Bernard Sietman. 26 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 3.3 Climate Change and Watershed Resilience in Southern Minnesota, presenters Kenny Blumenfeld and Brooke Hacker. 30 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 3.4 The Challenges We Face in Conserving the Monarch Butterfly, presenters Alan Ritchie and Chris Smith. 25 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 4.1 Keynote Panel - A Continued Discussion, presenters Cathy Chavers, J. Drew Lanham, Alora Jones and Veronica Jaralambides. 31 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 4.2 Climate Change and Hunting, Fishing, and Gathering, presenters Kelly Applegate and Phil Talmage. 27 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 4.3 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Exploring How DNR is Connecting, presenters Rowzat Shipchandler and Ray Ruiz. 29 mins.
  • Concurrent Track 4.4 Evolving Outdoor Use and Learnings for Recreation Managers, presenters Jamie McBride, Darin Newman, James Burnham, and Luke Skinner. 31 mins.
  • Roundtable Closing Plenary, with Commissioner Sarah Strommen, Deputy Commissioner Barb Naramore, Assistant Commissioners Shannon Lotthammer, Jess Richards, and Bob Meier, and Remarks from Governor Tim Walz.  1 hr 23 mins.