DNR Roundtable: Investing in conservation's future

Roundtable participants gather to discuss issues

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources works closely with individuals and organizations to achieve our mission: to conserve and manage the state's natural resources, provide outdoor recreation opportunities, and provide for commercial uses of natural resources in a way that creates a sustainable quality of life.

Every year, the DNR hosts “The Roundtable,” which is a gathering of invited stakeholders and conservation leaders to discuss fisheries, wildlife, ecological and water resource issues in Minnesota.

The 2023 Roundtable is scheduled for January. 

The DNR recognizes the value of bringing people together in-person to build relationships and discuss important topics related to protecting and managing land, water, fish and wildlife, and providing access to outdoor recreation opportunities, and we are working to ensure the event can be held safely and responsibly.


Video snapshot of Roundtable 2022