Reservations required

Same-day reservations now available

All campsites in Minnesota state parks and recreation areas now require a reservation before they may be occupied. We strongly recommend you make your reservations before leaving home, because cell phone coverage and wi-fi can be unpredictable at some parks.

For those who prefer to be spontaneous, we offer same-day reservations with no reservation fee, whether you're booking your site from home, from the road, or even from the park. Reserve a site online Friday morning and be camping in it that same night!

How can I find out what sites are available for a same-day reservation?
  1. Go to the reservations website
  2. Click on "Camping & Lodging"
  3. Click the green "Search All Parks" button
  4. A list, sorted by region, will show you exactly how many available spots there are at each park.

Or, if you already know where you want to go, just search for the park on the main "Camping & Lodging" page of the reservations website.

How do I make a same-day reservation?

Whenever possible, we strongly recommend you make reservations before leaving home, because cell phone coverage and wi-fi can be unpredictable at some parks. Same-day reservations can be made online or by calling 866-857-2757.

    If you have never made a reservation at a Minnesota state park, but registered at the park office or self-registered, you may encounter issues upon opening a new account.
    If you have been a "walk-in" customer in the past, some of your information was probably entered into the reservation system by park staff when you registered on site, so the reservation system may not recognize you as a current customer. More than likely, your name and address were entered, but no email address.

  • If you are already at the park and if there is a staff person in the park office: Park staff can look up your account by your name, add an email address to your account and create a temporary password. You can then use the temporary password to access the reservation system and make your reservation.

  • If you have not yet arrived at the park or if no staff person is available at the park: If you are unable to access the online reservation system, contact the Call Center (866-857-2757) and ask for help getting access to your account. Once the Call Center agent locates your account, they will be able to enter your email address and generate a temporary password for you. You can then use your email address and the temporary password to access the reservation system and make your reservations online. Or you can make reservations via the Call Center.
What if I don't have a credit card (or don't want to use one) to make my reservation?

No problem. You can pay with cash or check if you prefer.

For same-day reservations:

Contact the Reservation Center at 866-857-2757 and let them know which spot you would like to reserve. They will put your reservation on hold, and you can pay at the park when you arrive, using the self-registration station.

For reservations more than 24 hours in advance:

If you need to pay by check, please call the Reservation Call Center at 866-857-2757 to book your stay, and inform the agent that you will be paying by check. The agent will place a hold on your site and provide you with instructions to mail your payment.

To ensure that payments are received prior to arrival we only accept check payments for reservations with arrivals over 30 days out. If we do not receive your check 21 days prior to your arrival, your reservation will be canceled. If you are paying by check, be sure to pay as soon as possible so it is not forgotten.

Why do all campsites now require reservations?

We had an overwhelmingly positive response from customers when we piloted 100% reservable sites at 17 state parks in 2014-2015.

Families with young kids told us they wouldn't drive to a state park without knowing for sure they would have someplace to park their camper or pitch their tent, and we are trying to make it easier for busy families with young children to spend time outdoors.

We think making all sites reservable will make camping easier for everyone. No more arriving on a Friday hoping to stay at a first-come, first-served site, only to find there isn't one available! And now, with same-day reservations, you can count on your campsite being there whether you reserved it 10 months ago or 10 minutes ago.

If everything is reservable now, does that mean I need reservations year-round?

Yes. Reservations are needed whenever a campground is open. Please keep in mind that most parks have limited office hours in the off-season so it's best to go online or call before you arrive. Don't forget that same-day reservations are free!

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