Blue Mounds State Park

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Blue Mounds State Park offers places to hike and camp, Sioux quartzite cliffs to climb, and stunning overlooks from which you can watch the prairie clouds sweep by, or take in the park's herd of bison as they graze. Enjoy your virtual tour, and come visit the park in person sometime soon!

View of outdoor amphitheater shaded by trees nearby.



Adjacent to the campground is a little amphitheater area used for small family gatherings and occasional interpretive talks throughout the summer.

View of rocky outcrop and cascade of water from Upper Mound Lale Dam.


Upper Mound Lake Dam

The park was originally founded in 1937 as Mound Springs Recreation Area, when two dams were built by the Works Projects Administration. (WPA) The park expanded to include prairie, bison, and rock climbing in later years, but this dam still remains as a reminder of the park's original purpose to provide water recreation.

View of campground site and shower and restroom building.



Stay awhile at the park's main campground, and choose from one of 40 electric or 33 non-electric sites. Most of these lovely sites are grassy and well-shaded. For your convenience, there are also two shower/restroom buildings in the campground.

View of restroom interior.


Restroom Interior

Well-maintained showers and restrooms in the campground provide comfort for park visitors.

View of tall rocky quarry walls from the bottom of the quarry.


Historic Quarry

Experience a breathtaking view from the top of this historic quarry by taking the Upper Cliffline Trail from the interpretive center. The rock you will encounter here is Sioux quartzite, made a pink color by the presence of iron oxide.

View of two climbers scaling rocky outcrops.


Rock Climbers

Rock climbing is a popular activity in the park with many established routes that range in difficulty levels. Climbers take advantage of hand and toeholds in the rugged Sioux quartzite rock present at the park.

View of asphalt trail, shaded by trees before traveling into a prairie landscape.


Paved Bike Trail

Bring your bicycle and enjoy a lovely ride. A paved bike trail starts in the picnic area of the park and runs approximately 6 miles south to the city of Luverne.

View from Eagle Rock under blue skies and surrounded by prairie.


Eagle Rock

Encounter a stunning landscape 300 feet above the city of Luverne. From this point, Iowa can be seen to the south and South Dakota to the west.

Image of red cliffs from the old quarry.


Old Quarry Location

A drive up to the interpretive center reveals the remains of an old quarry. Colorful Sioux quartzite was a prized and popular building stone. In fact, these stones can be seen in several buildings in nearby Luverne.

View of campground landscape and facilities.


Cart-In Campground

Surrounding a small shelter building, this campground contains 14 sites and offers a more secluded camping experience.

Grazing bison under blue skies.


Bison Range

This native and reconstructed tallgrass prairie is home to approximately one hundred pure-strain bison. Experience the 533-acre bison pasture, where you’ll catch a glimpse of what life was like on the prairie before settlement.

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