George H. Crosby Manitou State Park

Snapshot virtual tour

Welcome to the George H. Crosby Manitou State Park virtual tour! On this journey you'll view the falls of Middle and West Manitou River, check out a favorite picnic area on Benson Lake and explore some hiking trails with dramatic scenery. Enjoy your virtual tour, and come visit the park in person sometime soon!

Photo of lower falls viewed from the Middle and West Manitou River Trails.


Lower Falls

The Lower Falls empties into a shallow pool surrounded by forest near the convergence of the Middle and West Manitou River Trails. Visitors can relax on the rocks below the falls to take in the gorgeous natural scenery.

Photo of the middle falls.


Middle Falls

The water flows down a rocky raise and into a pool at the Middle Falls before continuing on toward the Lower Falls.

Photo of the upper falls.


Upper Falls

The first of three, the Upper Falls cascades over rocks as it winds its way south toward the Middle Falls.

Photo of the upper Manitou River.


Upper Manitou

Above the falls, Manitou is a clear and scenic river, rimmed by old-growth trees on each side. A few campsites are available along the river trail that runs parallel to the west bank.

Photo of fall foliage along the Humpback Trail.


Humpback Trail

The rugged Humpback Trail winds through the northern part of the park from the parking lot to the Manitou River above the cascades. Great autumn colors can be seen in these heavily wooded hills.

Photo of the signs by the park entrance.


Park Entrance

An interpretive sign and trail marker indicate the entrance to the park, located in the parking lot at the head of the Middle and Yellow Birch Trails. About a mile away are the three cascades that run down the Manitou River.

Photo of Benson Lake, eastern shoreline.


Benson Lake – East

The east side of Benson Lake has some shallow spots where lake plants grow. A careful eye can see small fish, amphibians and shore birds.

Photo of the south side of Benson Lake.


Benson Lake – South

The south side of Benson Lake is clear and beautiful under a blue sky. The forest-rimmed lake is a great place to look for wildlife.

Photo of a wooden boardwalk running through woods.


Benson Lake – West

A wooden boardwalk around Lake Benson makes travelling along these trails easier for hikers. On the west side, the boardwalk runs through the woods, with the lake just visible through the trees.

Photo of the picnic grounds along Benson Lake.


Picnic Grounds

This picnic area is located along the shore of Benson Lake and is equipped with picnic tables and fire rings with grills.

Photo of rugged Yellow Birch Trail.


Yellow Birch Trail

The Yellow Birch Trail runs through old-growth woods from the parking lot to the convergence of the Misquah and Cedar Ridge trails. This rugged trail is a great place to view wildlife.

Photo of autumn colors along the Misquah Trail.


Misquah Trail

Here, a bridge crosses a small creek that runs under the Misquah Trail. This old-growth forest is a fantastic place to find wildlife and other natural wonders.

Photo of Manitou Overlook on a sunny day, of rolling hills crowded with thick forests.


Manitou Overlook

The Manitou Overlook is located on the West Manitou River Trail and gives hikers a stunning view of the entire river valley. The rolling hills are crowded with thick forests, with a few breaks where the river winds its way through.

Photo of rustic Manitou River Trail.


Manitou River Trail

The rustic Manitou River Trail runs through thick forests along the west bank of the Manitou. Through the trees, hikers can get a beautiful glimpse of the river.

Photo of the open shelter along Middle Trail.


Middle Trail Shelter

This open shelter is located along the Middle Trail a little over a half mile from the parking lot. It contains seating and a fire pit with grill for hikers to relax in the scenic forest.

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