Wild River State Park

Snapshot virtual tour

Welcome to the Wild River State Park virtual tour! On this journey you'll take a peek inside the exhibit room and the park office, check out the scenic overlooks at the Nevers Dam and the picnic shelter, admire the river shoreline at Sunrise Landing and the boat landing, and preview the amphitheater where most of our weekend interpretive programs are held. Enjoy your virtual tour, and come visit the park in person sometime soon!

Photo of Park Office and Ranger Station.


Park Office

This is just outside of the Park Office/Ranger Station and is the first stop as visitors enter the park. Here you can purchase permits, camping reservations, souvenirs, and more.

Photo of Nature Store and front counter of Park Office and Ranger Station.


Park Office Interior

This photo shows the interior of the Park Office/Ranger Station. You can purchase supplies, books, souvenirs, and more from the front desk here. Sale proceeds help to fund interpretive activities or displays.

Photo of Visitor Center lobby with interpretive displays.


Visitor Center Display

This is the lobby of the Visitor Center, which is open every day from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. There are some displays in this room, so even when the Exhibit Room is closed, the Visitor Center is still worth checking out!

Photo of large stone fireplace and displays, meeting area within the Visitor Center.


Exhibit Room

This photo shows only a portion of the Exhibit Room of the Visitor Center. This part of the Visitor Center houses most of the exhibits and features an aquarium, two snakes, a library, and a great spot to watch birds! (How about a nice place to sit in front of floor-to-ceiling windows, with bird feeders right outside? There are even identification books and binoculars!) This is also where our Naturalist keeps her office.

Photo of scenic river valley view from the back deck of the Visitor Center.


Visitor Center Exterior

There is a beautiful view of the Saint Croix River Valley from the back deck of the Visitor Center. Many people enjoy stopping here for a look or maybe a little lunch at one of the picnic tables. It is a great spot for everyone, and is a nice way for those who may not have the time or ability to walk very far to see part of the park.

Photo of an scenic overlook and picnic shelter.


Picnic Center Overlook

The Picnic Shelter deck is another place that offers a nice, accessible view of the woods and river valley.

Photo of the large stone fireplace inside of the Picnic Shelter poking through the top of the roof.


Picnic Shelter

The Picnic Shelter is a partially enclosed building with a fireplace, tables and restrooms inside. It is available for rental from May 1st through October 1st. Beyond the Picnic Shelter are the picnic grounds with tables, fire rings with grill grates, and a stand-up grill.

Photo of the river shoreline where a dam once was located.


Nevers Dam Overlook

The Nevers Dam Overlook is located where the historic Nevers Dam once was, approximately half a mile down a trail from the Picnic Grounds. You'll enjoy a great view of the river from here, as well as some interpretive displays.

Photo of Windfall Trail in the fall season.


Windfall Trail

The Windfall Trail is one of two self-guided trails and is a nice short walk especially well-suited for families or school groups. Brochures (available at the Visitor Center) guide hikers along the trail, offering educational information along the way.

Photo of a Camper Cabin site, one of six cabins available.


Camper Cabin

This is one of the six Camper Cabins available year-round at Wild River State Park.

Photo of two smiling campers relaxing alongside their camper.



The Campground offers 94 drive-up sites (34 electric) and two seasonal shower/restroom buildings. Other types of camping available include a semi-modern horse camp, a primitive group camp, and primitive backpack sites.

Photo of the park Amphitheater on a sunny fall day.



The Amphitheater is located next to the Campground and is used primarily to host interpretive programs on the weekends.

Photo of a boat launch called Sunrise Landing along the Saint Croix River.


Sunrise Landing

Sunrise Landing is located at the northern entrance to the park. There is a boat launch there, as well as a trailhead and a small picnic area.

Photo of the Wild River State Park Trail Center on a sunny fall day.


Trail Center

The Trail Center is open year-round from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and is available for rental from April 15th through November 15th. It offers restrooms, two rooms with tables and chairs, and a kitchen which doubles in the winter as a ski/snowshoe rental concession area and snack bar. There are also woodstoves inside the Trail Center.

Photo of the southern Saint Croix River boat landing within Wild River State Park.


Boat Landing

The boat landing is located in the southern half of the park. There are canoe rentals from May until late October. This is a great spot for viewing trumpeter swans in the winter and bald eagles year-round, and you'll find several nice trails leading out of this area.

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