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June 7-9, 2024

Fish for free!

Minnesotans 16 or older who take a child 15 or younger fishing don't need a license on this special weekend.

So plan a special fishing day or weekend and catch some quality time with friends and family.

Shore fishing is a great way to enjoy a day at the lake. It's easier, cheaper and there's a lot more room and opportunities for great fishing spots.

A good, safe spot to start fishing is on a nearby fishing pier. You can find fishing piers on lakes and in many parks throughout Minnesota.

If you're going to fish from shore, you'll likely have to explore a bit to find the fish. Fish tend to stay in one spot so you have to move and cast along the shoreline to find them.

Spring is the best season to catch fish due to the fish being hungry after the long winter, being more active due to warmer waters and laying their eggs near shore. As soon as the ice has melted off the lakes, sunfish and crappies are  great species to seek.

Summer shore fishing is a little more difficult due to thick near shore vegetation and fish moving to deeper, cooler waters away from shore. Try fishing in the early morning or evening as well as river fishing since rivers tend to have cooler waters and less vegetation.

Fall is another great time to fish due to cooling water temperatures, vegetation die offs and fish aggressively feeding to prepare for winter.

Get started today

Below you'll find links to help you get kids – and yourself – hooked on fishing.

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