Pin cherry (Prunus pensylvanica)

Pin cherry oak leaves

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Small, reaching heights of up to 30' with a diameter of up to 8"; rounded crown.


Reddish brown, breaking into papery layers; marked by irregular, horizontal bands of orange-colored lines (lenticels).


Simple, alternate on stem, length 3" to 4"; oblong, pointed, with finely toothed margins; shiny green when fully grown, turns bright yellow in autumn.

Fruit (seed)

Drupe (cherry) about 1/4" in diameter; thick, light red skin; thin, sour flesh surrounding oblong stone; flesh used in homes for making jellies; fruit borne on long-stocked clusters; ripens in middle or late summer.


Common in woods throughout the state except in the southwestern portion; often abundant in cutover lands, old fields, and along roadsides; shade intolerant, fast growing.

Wood uses

Medium light, medium soft, brownish with yellowish sapwood; has no special commercial value; tree is hardy; provides a home and feeding ground for several songbirds and is especially suited for home beautification.

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