Conveyance best management practices

These best management practices redirect runoff from impervious surfaces to a pretreatment/treatment best management practice.

Impervious diversion

Slotted vane drain image

Subsurface Flow Diverter

Description of practice »

Trench drain (metal grate: trench former, slotted vane drain)




Concave shallow valley gutter image

Surficial Flow Diverter

Description of practice »

Valley gutter with shallow concave shape (concrete)



Water diversion bump image

Water diversion bump with shallow convex shape (asphalt)


Photo: Anoka County Conservation District

Curb cut inlet image

Curb cut inlet


Photo: Dakota County Soil and Water Conservation District


Vegetated swale

Vegetated swale example.

Description of practice »

This best management practice is used primarily for flow rate control but can also be designed to remove pollutants; it is a gradually sloped, shallow, flat-bottom ditch with check dams.


Photo: Whatcom County, State of Washington


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