Minimum impact standards for shoreline protection

  • Adhere to MN Rule 6120.3300 for shoreline setback Excerpt from Shoreland and Floodplain Management.
  • Consult a shoreline specialist for an in-depth shoreline assessment to guide implementation of best management practices. PWA Assessment Detailed On-Site Analysis by Specialist(s)
  • Maintain a no-mow buffer area as wide as possible, excluding necessary infrastructure
  • Preserve 75% of the shoreline.
  • Protect emergent vegetation. example
  • Close up image of emergent vegetation.
  • Protect natural vegetation from human disturbance in buffer zones from the upland to the shoreline by fencing and posting signs to discourage trampling. example
  • Protect natural vegetation from human disturbance.
  • Designate areas for shore fishing and/or build fishing piers to prevent trampling of shoreline areas. example
  • People fishing on a pier.
  • Showcase shoreline protection. example
  • 1) Interpretive signs along shore. 2) Detail of interpretive panel. 3) Visitor looking at interpretive panel.

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