WMA Condition Survey

The purpose of this survey is to enlist the help of the many users of our WMA system to assess wildlife habitat and user facility conditions. This information will help us prioritize our limited resources to meet the needs of our customers. This survey should not be used for general comments on hunting seasons, wildlife populations or other DNR activities. You may include an optional email address if you'd like to have Wildlife staff reply to your comment. Note: Response times will vary depending on time of year and staffing levels at the area offices that manage the WMA you are commenting on.

Please type in or select the date of your visit from the calendar. Then select the primary purpose of your visit from the drop down list.

Next select the facility condition for any of the user facilities on the WMA. User facilities include access roads, walking trails, parking lots, gates, signs, observation platforms and camp sites.  Please provide any additional details related to the facilities in the facilities comment box. 

Next select the option that most closely describes your overall assessment of the habitat quality for the purpose for which you visited the WMA. In the Habitat Comments box please add any comments or suggestions you might have on the condition of the wildlife habitat on the WMA. Please be specific.

Visit purpose (required)
Facility condition (required)
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