Expedited emergency rules for game and fish and other natural resources

The DNR makes temporary rules and temporary adjustments to permanent rules for game, fish and general natural resource protection using an expedited emergency rulemaking procedure under the statutory authority in Minnesota Statutes, section 84.027, subd. 13 (b) and (g).

Expedited emergency rules are formally published in the Minnesota State Register webpage, but are not posted with the permanent rules on the Minnesota Office of the Revisor of Statutes' Administrative Rules webpage.

Copies are available here for informal reference: Expedited emergency rule documents

Finding and reading expedited emergency rules

  • The expedited emergency rules and commissioner's orders posted on this page are a simple way to read temporary rule language adopted by the DNR.
  • Search for the actual legal publications and notice on the Minnesota State Register search webpage. The rule copies provided on this DNR webpage include a coversheet to help you identify and locate the original State Register legal publication.
  • Because expedited emergency rules modify permanent rules, they must be read together with the permanent rules and authorizing statutes to see the full context and effect. You can search statutes, laws, and rules on the Office of Revisor of Statutes search page covering those topics.
  • Expedited emergency rules usually have the same numbering as the permanent rules.
  • Check the effective dates of the expedited emergency rule (some parts might have different effective dates).
  • To get copies of expired rules, please contact the DNR Information Center with your request.

About expedited emergency rulemaking

  • Expedited emergency rules are only for short-term and immediate regulatory needs. The first rulemaking procedure allows the DNR to make seasonal and temporary adjustments to permanent rules more quickly than is possible using permanent rulemaking procedures.
  • Expedited emergency rules temporarily amend or supplement permanent rules or other emergency rules.
  • Expedited emergency rules are effective for a maximum of 18 months, and less when the rule specifies an expiration date.
  • The underlying permanent rule is in effect after an expedited emergency rule expires. A regulatory provision ceases to exist if it does not modify a preexisting permanent rule.
  • The DNR consults with interested and affected Minnesotans and/or relies on knowledge gained from other public engagements when drafting most of these rules.

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