Finding the Outdoors

Woman kissing a fish that she caught.

Before moving to Minnesota, being called a “city girl” was a badge of honor that I proudly wore and embraced. My life consisted of work, family, friends, happy hour, church, shopping and traveling. It was a very full and action-based life.

In 2011, I was “tasked” with attending the Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener because the company I was working for was an event sponsor.  Since I had never been fishing, I jumped at the opportunity to check something off of my bucket list. I invited my best friend Kim and her son Bobby, who traveled to Grand Rapids, MN with me, as my plus one and a half.

I often think of my invitation to attend the Governor’s Fishing Opener as the beginning of my connection to the great outdoors. Since that experience I now garden, fish, kayak, hike and ride our ATV. I’ve found beauty and stillness in nature and have discovered a new level of awareness such as noticing leaves blowing on a tree during a hike; fish jumping in a lake when they think no one is there; the extreme seasonality of plants and flowers or the wind pushing my kayak across a lake.

These experiences have planted a personal desire to connect in and with nature more often. Minnesota typically ranks high on various lists that rate states for various factors in part to its beautiful natural environment. Our state’s beautiful natural resources are appreciated by all people in our state.

It’s now ten years later since I attended the Governor’s Fishing Opener, and I’m thrilled to be teaming up with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as they work to increase the visibility of diverse people in the outdoors. Representation matters and the outdoors belongs to each and every one of us. Here’s to sharing My MN Outdoor Adventure.

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