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Below you will find stories about outdoor experiences from a diverse group of Minnesotans. You can submit your story here. Engage with our campaign on social media using the hashtag #MyMNOutdoorAdventure.

The love of fishing

A bunch of fish set on a fishing dock.


My life passion is catching fish, particularly Minnesota's native fish. We have a ton of mysterious and amazing fish right here in Minnesota. Read more.



Introducing new generations to the outdoors

Little girl holding a fishing pole with a fish on the end of it.


I’ve lived in Minnesota all my life, 57 years. My great-grandparent was born here, my grandparent was born here, my father was born here. Read more.


Finding peace in the outdoors

Two people in a canoe on a lake on a summer day.

Getting outdoors, for me, means connecting with creation and that brings a sense of peace and wonderment of all that is. Connecting with the outdoors reminds me that I am an extension of creation, and creation is divine. Read more.



My love of hiking

Sunset on a summer day.

I was born and raised in Minnesota. Over the past two years, I’ve gotten very into hiking. In 2020, I hiked 92 times and I have a goal to hike 100 trails in 2021. Read more.



The birthday gift: An ice fishing experience

Man ice fishing in an ice house.

My husband, John, is a native Minnesotan and an avid fisherman, but he had never been ice fishing until this year. I decided this year was the perfect time for our family to help John embrace winter fishing and arranged an ice fishing excursion for his birthday. Read more.




Finding the outdoors

Woman kissing a fish that she caught.

Before moving to Minnesota, being called a “city girl” was a badge of honor that I proudly wore and embraced. My life consisted of work, family, friends, happy hour, church, shopping and traveling. It was a very full and action-based life. Read more.





Biking the Cannon Valley Trail

Woman on a bike on a trail.

This is a photo of me at Canon Valley Trail (Canon Falls-Welch-Red Wing) where we enjoyed a round trip bike ride with our family.  Read more.




Camping at the lake with friends

Four young girls on a bench on a lake dock.

We along with five other families ventured to Fall Lake in Ely for a weekend of camping. Read more.




Father and daughter fishing moment

Dad and daughter on a boat fishing. Dad holding fish.

Fishing has always been something I did with my dad, so introducing this to my daughter was important to me. Read more.




Learning to spool line

Young boy spooling a fishing line.

Meet Alex: he was in our Spartan Angling class at Nashwauk High School. During this class, we teach the art and science of angling and take fishing trips in Northeast Minnesota and distant adventures to larger lakes. Read more.




My favorite days

Man on a boat holding a fish he caught.

“If you know where the fish are biting on any given day, I’m the guy to call because I always say, ‘any day I’m on a lake in a boat, that’s my favorite day.’” —John Myles. Read more.




The story of why I fish

Woman on a boat holding a fish she caught.

I started fishing at the tender age of 10 in Plain Dealing, La., a small rural town 45 minutes north of Shreveport. I learned to fish from my dad, mom, and maternal grandparents on a cane fishing pole. Read more.




Enjoying all seasons

Woman and man taking a selfie outdoors.

Our family loves the outdoors in Minnesota and embraces all four seasons. Whether it’s snowmobiling or skiing, fishing or tubing at the lake, or just a weekend hike or bike ride. Read more.




Fishing is my escape

Man holding a fish he caught.

When I'm out on the waters trying to find fish, then hook into fish, that melts away all the external noises in my life. Read more.




My world outdoors

Man holding a fish he caught.

I consider myself an avid outdoorsman and I became familiar with the #MyMNOutoorAdventure campaign during the fishing opener. Read more.




My biggest bass

Woman with bass fish.

I took this picture was taken during a trip to my cabin with my cousin. We woke up early in the morning to go fishing. Read more.





Fishing with Friends

Woman with bass fish.

My daughter was only home from college for one day and was excited to see our neighborhood friends at the campground. Read more.



In the outdoors: Then and now

Man hunting.


One of my Mom’s fondest memories of me as a child was when I saw a squirrel in our yard and told her, in Hmong, that squirrel eyes looked like human eyes. Read more.




The enjoyment of hiking and camping

Man ice fishing in an ice house.

I have lived in Minnesota for nearly my entire life. I grew up hiking and camping with my family, and I am trying to pass the enjoyment for these activities along to my kids — we love to explore new places as a family! Read more.




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