Fishing with Friends

group of people fishing

My daughter was home from college for only one day and was excited to see our neighborhood friends at the campground. The Lachmansingh family is one of our favorite families to hang out with there. You could say they’re “fishing addicts” and very generously take us out on the boat whenever we want.

Ranji Lachmansingh said no need to round up a pole or bait; he'd have one. Of course, he'd already scoped out all of the hotspots on the lake, so it wasn't long before there were fish in the boat. While fishing for crappies, we also pulled in some sunfish, perch and a nice bass. I came home with my limit for the freezer.

In reality, our time on the lake isn't about the fish—although we've had some amazing fish fries over the years. Our time is about friendship, fun, and storytelling. Lots of stories get told over and over about the fish that got away, the fish we got in without even trying, the fish fries, the bait (worms) that wreaks havoc in the camper if not cared for properly, and the o-p-p fishing bait line we've developed around the campfire.

My family is so blessed to be in camping community with such generous and fun people!

—Michelle Doerr @mchickadee

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