Fishing is my escape

Man holding a fish on a boat.

Fishing is my escape. When I'm out on the waters trying to find fish, then hook into fish, that melts away all the external noises in my life.  

I had the unique opportunity to fish the 2021 Minnesota Governor's Fishing Opener event that took place in Otter Tail County in May. I had invited my buddy Shane to the event. He has served our country for more than 22 years and has just returned from his fourth deployment in early May. Our group was on the water by 5:15 a.m. and we were all able to find some nice Crappies! (Many thanks to our boat host @chill_n_gs and my fishing partner @shane5419!)  

The one thing I love about fishing is this: We all have a common goal. That goal is to get out, find fish, and catch fish. Everything else is left onshore. It's where we go out, enjoy the weather, and just fish.  

I love and enjoy the freedom that mother nature has to offer our country and our home state #Minnesota.  

— Andy Choe

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