The Birthday Gift: An Ice Fishing Experience

Man ice fishing in an ice house.

My husband, John, is a native Minnesotan and an avid fisherman, but he had never been ice fishing until this year. I decided this year was the perfect time for our family to help John embrace winter fishing and arranged an ice fishing excursion for his birthday.

John describes his birthday gift as a great experience and he’s already started looking into purchasing a fish house to fish in next winter. Our 14-year-old son was impressed by the “niceness” of the fishing house and delighted at the fact that we were fishing in the middle of winter on a frozen lake without wearing jackets. I’m not a fisherwomen, but I enjoyed seeing the fish come up to our hooks to get the bait.

We may not have caught any BIG fish, but John did manage to catch what I like to call “keychain” fish. After this experience we’re convinced that more Minnesotans should give ice fishing a try. Especially those that consider fishing a hobby. Ice fishing is a great way  for any Minnesotan fishing enthusiast to extend the time they get to fish.

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