Learning to spool line

Boy spooling fishing line.

Meet Alex: he was in our Spartan Angling class at Nashwauk High School. During this class, we teach the art and science of angling and take fishing trips in Northeast Minnesota and distant adventures to larger lakes.  

Alex was able to join us for a few of our adventures. One of these outings was when we went ice fishing. He was so excited about all the “big fish” he caught that day.  This class has ignited his passion for angling. His mother says it’s all he talks about—to this day he continues to share stories of where he is fishing and what he caught.

Funded by a 2019 DNR grant to recruit, retain, and reactivate anglers, Spartan Angling is dedicated to the betterment of youth angling in Minnesota.   

For more information visit www.spartanangling.com

- Luke Adam (photo is of Alex)

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