My favorite days

Man with a fish on a boat.

“If you know where the fish are biting on any given day, I’m the guy to call because I always say, ‘any day I’m on a lake in a boat, that’s my favorite day.’”  

—John Myles  

The outdoors is my personal sanctuary: a place where I can wind down and just enjoy being.

When I’m hunting, I wish it were warm so I could be out on a boat fishing (I haven’t tried ice fishing yet); and when I’m on one of our 10,000 lakes fishing, I sometimes wish for snow so that I can hunt!  

I consider myself an avid outdoorsman—like a reincarnated Daniel Boone because I love hunting and fishing. I was introduced to fishing by my father at the age of eight and I started hunting with him at the age of eleven in my home state of Mississippi.

I’ve also had the opportunity to share my love of nature with my professional network, through a program I founded and lead called From the Hood to the Woods. We focused on exposing inner-city kids to nature and providing them with an opportunity to explore fishing and hiking.

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