My World Outdoors

Man with a fish.

I consider myself an avid outdoorsman and I became familiar with the #MyMNOutoorAdventure campaign during the fishing opener. I love hunting white tail deer with archery. Growing up in Callahan, Florida, a small town north of Jacksonville, Fla., fishing and hunting were a family tradition that I’m looking forward to passing on to my son, Colton (5), and daughter, Miyla (2), when they’re old enough. I still remember the first time I went deer dog hunting with my dad.

I moved to Minnesota to attend Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College and after graduating from the University of Minnesota Duluth, I decided to make Minnesota my permanent home. I currently live in Moose Lake, where I’m able to frequently engage in some of my favorite outdoor activities like fishing, hunting, camping and kayaking. I’ve found the Minnesota outdoors community to be very welcoming and through my Instagram account and YouTube channel (@DJonesOutdoors) I’m committed to growing my brand as an outdoorsman and sharing what I love about hunting and fishing with others and connecting with other outdoor enthusiasts.

- DJ Jones @DJonesOutdoors

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