The story of why I fish

Man with a fish on a boat.

I started fishing at the tender age of 10 in Plain Dealing, La., a small rural town 45 minutes north of Shreveport. I learned to fish from my dad, mom, and maternal grandparents on a cane fishing pole. My family loved to fish! The fish we caught were extremely important because they served as food and nourishment for my family.

I moved to Minnesota for school at the age of 14 and I lived with my aunt and uncle. They were avid anglers, too, and taught me to fish with a rod and reel fishing pole. I have fond memories of practicing to fish with that pole on Glenwood Lake in North Minneapolis, in preparation for our summer fishing excursions on Lake Waconia.

As an adult I would rent row boats in the summer and fish on Lake Sarah in Greenfield and Lake Chisago in Chisago County. My son rowed the boat for me—and I believe his experiences rowing me around while I fished prevented him from becoming an avid angler! I purchased my first motorized fishing boat in 2005 and my current fishing boat in 2013.

I love the peaceful feeling that being on a lake invokes. I do my best thinking on the water and I’ll never get tired of seeing the bobber go down!

- Dr. Betty Webb

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