Hutchinson area darkhouse spearing outlook

Winter 2023-24

Table key

Year: Year survey conducted • Catch: Pike caught per gill net. An asterisk (*) denotes a related comment in the Notes column. • % > ##": Percent of pike netted that were longer than the column's specified inch measurement. • Acres: Lake size • Littoral: Percent of lake less than 15 feet deep • Clarity: Water clarity measured in summer
LakeCountyYearCatch% > 22"% > 26"% > 30"AcresLittoralClarityHistorical spearing pressure and notes
Arvilla/ArvilleMeeker201813.553258138100%2'Light pressure. Water clarity often poor.
BelleMeeker20221.47224786444%3'Light pressure, but heavier in recent years. Water clarity variable.
Betty/BetsyMeeker20229.86924315458%2'Light pressure. Winter access via Clearwater River, which can be dangerous.
Big SwanMeeker20226.37225068449%2'Moderate pressure. Clarity often decent. Large fish are a possibility.
Big Wolf/WolfMeeker20235.37260262100%4'Heavy pressure. Water clarity often good.
Clear (Watkins)Meeker20214.162461652991%5'Moderate pressure. Water clarity often variable.
DunnsMeeker20182.85321515256%3'Light pressure. Water clarity variable. Pike numbers usually low.
FrancisMeeker202212.26111,05383%6'Light pressure. High numbers of small pike. Water clarity is usually good.
GreenleafMeeker202210.08027323876%3'Light to moderate pressure. Water clarity variable.
HoffMeeker20197.3---139100%4'Heavy pressure. Water clarity usually good.
HookMcLeod201515.8315033098%6'Low to moderate pressure. Water clarity variable.
JennieMeeker20225.0873231,069100%2'Moderate pressure. Water clarity variable. Larger pike occasionally taken.
Long (Grove City)Meeker202115.062192783100%2'Light pressure. Water clarity variable, more turbid in recent years.
ManuellaMeeker20219.04013629239%10'Light pressure. Water clarity often good. More roads plowed in recent years.
MapleMeeker19910.0---138100%4'Light pressure. Water clarity variable. Walk-in off N. road by culvert.
Minnie-BelleMeeker20203.659411659628%13'"Light pressure. Clarity good. 24-36"" inches protected slot limit on pike.
PrestonRenville20195.45372655100%7'Light pressure. Water clarity variable.
RichardsonMeeker20182.24922911938%6'Light pressure. Water clarity variable.
RipleyMeeker202115.12611061476%6'Moderate pressure. Water clarity is often good enough to spear.
RoundMeeker202018.23471266100%7'High pressure. Water clarity is often good. Many small pike.
Sleepy EyeBrown20218.2558424184%8'Heavy pressure. Water clarity often good. Best pike lake in Brown County.
SpringMeeker202310.57916020182%4'Light pressure. Water clarity is variable.
Sleepy EyeMcLeod201810.0415214161%6'Light pressure. Water clarity is usually not good.
SpringMeeker202311.7672710553100%3'Moderate pressure. Water clarity is variable.
Stahl'sMeeker20239.85321559938%8'Light pressure. Water clarity good. Pike numbers up in 2023.
StarMcLeod2015*0.5---214100%3'Light pressure. Water clarity variable. *Ice-out trap net data.

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