Dry November 2007

In a sharp contrast to having the wettest August-October in the Twin Cities, November was one of the top ten driest on record. The total precipitation for November at the Twin Cities International Airport was .09 inches. This was dry enough to be in a three-way tie for the 4th driest November since modern record keeping began in 1891. The last time it was this dry in November was 2002 with also .09 inches. The dry stretch began on October 20 in the Twin Cities. If the last 11 days of October are included the total precipitation would be .10 inches. The old record was .14 inches back in 1912 and 2002. The 1971-2000 Normal for October 20 to November 30 is 2.67.

Other places in Minnesota were even drier. St. Cloud had just .01 inches of rain which is a three-way tie for the third driest. What happened in the following December the last time the Twin Cities was so dry in 2002? December 2002 was also dry with only .21 inches of precipitation. Looking at the other Decembers following the dry Novembers int he top ten list, some were drier, some were wetter and others were average.

Top Ten Driest Novembers
for the Twin Cities

Rank  Precip Year
1.    0.02   1939 
2.    0.06   1917
3.    0.08   1912
4.    0.09   1967/02/07
7.    0.10   1904
8.    0.16   1976
9.    0.19   1914
10.   0.26   1980 
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