Climate of Minnesota

Weather and climate profoundly impact Minnesota's natural resources. The very existence of many of these resources was, and is, largely determined by our climate, which is the composite of day-to-day weather over a long period of time.

The DNR State Climatology Office manages, analyzes, and disseminates Minnesota's climate information resources for the benefit of our citizens, communities, and entities. The office is part of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources ( within the division of Ecological and Water Resources) and is housed at the University of Minnesota's Department of Soil, Water, and Climate.

The following links direct users to some of the office's most commonly used resources.

The office assists its customers in their investigations of the climate's impact on various components of the natural environment, and on socioeconomic activities. We use our climate monitoring resources to quantify weather conditions and to place these conditions within historical and geographical context. We also provide statistical summaries of historical climate conditions, allowing users to make informed decisions about future activities.


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