Cool June 2009

Along with welcome rains, clouds have shrouded the Twin Cities for the past few days. These clouds have kept temperatures below 60 degrees for three consecutive days. This has not happened since June 1-3, 1951. The only other years with three days in a row of maximum temperatures below 60 in June are: 1917, 1935, and 1937. There's never been four consecutive days in a row of maximum temperatures below 60 in the Twin Cities. With the National Weather Service forecast of mid 60's for June 9 it appears the streak will end. The average high for June 9 for the Twin Cities is 79 degrees.

The maximum temperature of 52 degrees on June 6th set a record as the coldest high temperature for the date, and was the 6th coldest high temperature on record for June going back to 1872. There can be a June high temperature in the 40's in the Twin Cities. On June 13, 1947 the high was 49 degrees.

This cool weather is not confined to the Twin Cities, the rest of Minnesota is experiencing abnormally cool temperatures. The high temperature in Duluth on June 8th only reached 47 degrees, the last time on June 8th it was that cold in Duluth was in 1989. The average high for June 8th in Duluth is 70. International Falls is currently ten degrees below normal for the month of June with a high temperature of only 50 on the 8th. The normal high for June 8th in International Falls is 73.

It's been cool as well in Fargo/Moorhead with four consecutive days of temperatures staying below 60. One day in particular stands out. On June 6th the high was 53 and the low was 34 making the day twenty degrees below normal. Snow was even reported in central North Dakota on June 6-7th with a few totals approaching two inches to the west and north of Bismarck.

The cool weather has caused plant growth in gardens to slow down. The scent of fireplace smoke was back in the air and many switched the furnace back on.

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