Twin Cities November 2009: Warm and Nearly Snowless

After having the fourth coldest and seventh snowiest October in the Twin Cities, November was just the opposite with the second warmest November on record and a four way tie for least snowiest. The only year that was warmer than November 2009 going back to 1891 was 2001 with 46.4 degrees. The monthly average temperature for November 2009 was 42.7 degrees, which is 10.2 degrees above normal.

The average maximum temperature for the month of November 2009 was 51.0 degrees, while the average maximum temperature for October was only 49.1 degrees. This marks the first time since 1891 that the average maximum for November was higher than the average maximum for October. The only other year to come close was in 1917 with an average maximum temperature for October and November being 45.8 degrees and 45.5 degrees.

November 2009 was virtually snow-free in the Twin Cities with just a trace of snow reported on the 29th. The only other years with just a trace of snowfall for November were 1928, 1939 and 1963. All three winters finished below normal for seasonal snowfall, but none are in the top ten least snowiest winters.

Last modified: October 14, 2016
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