Lack of Snow: March 2010

As of March 30, the Twin Cities International Airport has seen no snow for the month of March. March 2010 will be the least snowiest March for the modern record (1891-2010) in the Twin Cities and a three way tie including the pioneer record back to 1859.

Having no snow fall in March in the Twin Cities is an extremely rare occurrence. Checking weather records for the Twin Cities since snow measurements began, this has happened only two other times. In March 1860 the St. Paul Smithsonian observer A.B. Paterson measured no snow in March. Also in March 1878, the famous "year without a winter" it is clear that no snowfall was measured at the St. Paul Signal Service Station. The winter of 1877-78 remains the warmest winter on record for the Twin Cities and is also the earliest recorded ice out dates for lakes in Minnesota. Lake Minnetonka lost its ice by March 11 that year.

For more modern records after 1891, the least amount of snow recorded was .1 (one tenth) of an inch in March 1981.

The dearth of snow is not confined to the Twin Cities. Few flakes have fallen in other locals as well:

City        Total though March 31
Sioux Falls     .5
Internat. Falls .2
Duluth           T
Fargo            T
Grand Forks      T
St. Cloud        0
Rochester        0
La Crosse        0
Last modified: July 5, 2016
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