Recap of Summer: 2011

Shelf Cloud Over the Chanhassen National Weather Service
Courtesy: John Wetter


July was quite stormy, with one of the most widespread severe event occurring on July 1. A large cluster of thunderstorms produced wind damage from South Dakota across Minnesota and into northwest Wisconsin. Six tornadoes touched down with this event. June and July featured some heavy rains, including one event on July 16 during the early morning hours that submerged roads on the north side of the Twin Cities and flooded many basements, including flooding around 50 vehicles in the Garden View Apartments in New Brighton. The total precipitation rank for June-August at the Twin Cities International Airport did not even make the top 20 due to the dry August and wound up placing 32nd wettest back to 1891. August was much quieter and less humid. Average temperatures across the state for Meteorological Summer will finish one to three degrees above normal, with a few exceptions such as International Falls finished just below normal for the summer.

June-August Average Temperatures for the Twin Cities International Airport 1891-2011

Rank	Value	Year
----    -----   ---- 
1	75.5	1988
2	75.2	1933
3	74.2	1894
	74.2	1936 (tie)
5	74.3	1949
	74.3	2006 (tie)
7	74.2	2010
8	74.1	1921
	74.1	1937 (tie)
	74.1	1955 (tie)
11	74.0	1983
	74.0	2011 (tie)

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