Summer Recap 2012

The Summer of 2012 was warm and dry for most in Minnesota and the surrounding region. In some places the Summer of 2012 was one of the warmest on record. Meteorological Summer is defined from June to August.

Meteorological Summer (June-August) Average Temperatures in Degrees F

Location     Rank      Ave Temp  Dep From Normal
Twin Cities  3rd       74.8      3.5
St. Cloud    8th (tie) 71.1      3.0
Duluth       1st       67.4      4.0
Fargo        4th       71.4      2.9
Grand Forks  7th (tie) 70.0      2.2
Sioux Falls  3rd       75.3      4.8
Rochester    2nd       72.4      3.0
La Crosse    3rd       74.4      2.6     
Falls        27th      64.6      1.5

Drought began creeping into the state over the Summer. The current drought began during the 3rd week of June and continued though the end of August for much of western and southern Minnesota. Sioux Falls had its driest Summer on record, with only 2.73 inches of precipitation or 7.33 inches short of average. Rochester had its 11th driest Summer on record with 8.46 inches of precipitation. On the flip side, Duluth had its 29th wettest Summer on record with 14.54 inches of rainfall.

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