Latest first 60-degree day of Spring 2013 in Twin Cities

If forecasts verify, the temperature in the Twin Cities will reach 60 degrees on Friday, April 26. This will be the first time the temperature has climbed to 60 degrees since last November 22.

Attaining 60 degrees for the first time on or after April 26, is quite rare for the Twin Cities. The average date for the first occurrence of 60 degrees in the Twin Cities is March 29. Only three times in the modern Twin Cities record (1873 to present, 141 years) has the temperature failed to reach 60 degrees for the first time before April 26:

April 29, 1874 (60 degrees)
April 26, 1904 (62 degrees)
April 26, 1947 (70 degrees)

The earliest 60 degree temperature of the modern record is February 15, 1921 (63 degrees).


Last modified: April 27, 2015
Greg Spoden, DNR Climatologist


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