Winter Recap of 2013-14

The Polar Vortex: January 2014
The Polar Vortex: January 2014
Courtesy: National Climate Data Center


The 2013-14 winter was noteworthy on many counts. The 53 nights of at or below zero temperatures in the Twin Cities tied for 5th most on record 1872-73. International Falls had 92 at-or-below-zero readings, tying 1977-78 for the #1 spot, and some far northern stations like Kabetogama, Norris Camp, and Babbitt fell to 0F or lower more than 100 times.

Another measure was the extremely low wind chill temperatures. A generation of elementary and high school children will not forget January, 2014. This was the month that had five days of school canceled due to the wind chills in the Twin Cities. The lowest wind chill temperature was -48 at the Twin Cities on January 6th and for the state it was -63 degrees at the Grand Marais Airport.

The meteorological winter (December-February) wound up being the ninth coldest on record in the Twin Cities going back to 1872-73, and the extended winter (November through March) was the seventh coldest for the whole state, going back to 1895. Indeed, the winter of 2013-2014 will be the standard against which others are  compared for many years.


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